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Who Says You Can't Teach Common Sense?

Motivation For Youth, Parents, Businesses, and Educators

There is a way to achieve common sense and critical thinking through my methods:

Contact David TODAY to find out how this can work in your situation. David Rossi teaches common sense. With an incredibly varied and deep background he has changed and continues to change many lives for the better. A specialist working with youth, he has devoted his life to educating others on realizing their full potential by promoting common sense and critical thinking.

Common Sense: An overview

People who use common sense seem to be able to apply knowledge in a wide range of situations. The Result: well-informed and well-reasoned decisions.

People who have Common sense:

  • Think before they act - Thoughtful
  • Examine their actions and the consequences of their actions - Reflective
  • Act to achieve attainable goals - Effective
  • Look for the value in others' points of view - Open Minded
  • Take pride in making their own decisions - Independent
  • Curious and persistent

It is a way of viewing and operating in the world.

People who possess Common Sense are admired and valued because they work consistently at finding the truth. They will be inclined to focus their efforts on information gathering because they know that things are not always what they appear to be

They know that always displaying common sense does not come easily but know that as their reasoning skills improve they will gain confidence in dealing with complex problems.

The training, workshops and mentoring assists with the development of key elements that move the participants closer to enhancing their foundation of common sense.

From Youth, new workers and adults - the application of common sense can be used in all walks of life from workplace skills to creating strong relationships

Contact David to see how my services can be customized to meet your exacting demands.

Making Common Sense Common

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