Business Solutions and Mentoring

Common Sense Center has the solutions you need to enhance your resources. Your number one assets. Success starts with the atmosphere of the workplace- from the attitude of the staff to the culture and vision of the company. The most successful workplaces are ones that have a clear and consistent goal. All the resources are directed towards that end.

Business Workshops

1. Mentor training programs.

Mentoring and consultations


Youth retention strategies


2. Training for new workers

3. Workshops and presentations

Mentoring new and young workers to be safe workshop/presentation

Young Workers- Can they hear you? Presentation/ workshop

Creating strong decisions- Presentation

4. Custom webinars and Skype calls

5. Mentoring and consultations



  • Mentor development: 3 sessions $1300 (group or individual)
  • New and Young worker “Before the First Day” orientations 1-3 sessions $1300
  • Young worker engagement strategies: consultation fee: $780/day rate
  • Customized workshops: From $1950
  • Speaking engagements: From $3500

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