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Matthew Shinde

If I had to describe Dave in one word, I’d call him “unconventional”. His approach to teaching is among the most unique I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to; by seamlessly integrating his personal experiences and anecdotes into the topics of employment skills and critical thinking, he gave us ways to better connect to and visualize the concepts he taught us. Dave’s stories also injected energy and humor into the class, making it far more engaging than most programs of its kind.

Dave’s ability to educate was just as great as his ability to entertain during the program. He put the very skills he taught us to use in his discussions, encouraging us to confront our insecurities and ask ourselves “why do we do what we do?” Some would call his teaching style “challenging”, but I saw it as being “Socratic”, using a series of questions to force the students to think critically about their answers and consider deeper meanings to the discussion. Dave never came off as cruel or oblivious to our distress, only concerned with ensuring that we could develop ourselves as open-minded critical thinkers who could support ourselves in the world. I, for one, am grateful that Dave was willing and able to make me stop and ask why, exactly, I see myself as “weird” and “only slightly above-average as a person”.

Overall, Dave managed to combine an interest in making sure that his students learned what they needed from the program with an earnest desire to see them succeed in their chosen careers. Between his unconventional approach to teaching and his constant application/demonstration of the lessons he wanted us to learn, I would consider him to be one of the best – if not THE best – instructors I’ve ever met!


Critical Thinking Cirriculum


6 Educational Cornerstones of Success

  1. Open Minded: The ability to constantly look for the VALUE in other's points of views
  2. Thoughtful: Our behaviors and characteristics impact the world and events
  3. Reflective: Deep understanding of the why we are and the who we are
  4. Curiosity: Continuous personal growth by wondering, appreciating and inquiring
  5. Independence: The freedom to choose - The right to refuse
  6. Clarity of Purpose: focused on the future - present in the now

Making Common Sense Common

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