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Sam Rossi Testimonial: 

Someone who shows all the characteristics of transformational leadership is my father: Charisma, Inspiration, Intellectual Stimulation, and Individualized Consideration.

Hands down my father is a transformational leader. He works as a motivational speaker and critical thinking teacher with at-risk youth. He uses his charisma, an outgoing personality and a young-at heart attitude to keep the youth engaged and interested in what he is saying. He tells stories and invites his class to tell their personal stories to interact and to put trust in him.

He inspires the youth to want to be better teaching them the tools to be able to question their current surroundings and by allowing them how to ask the right questions.

As all his students have come from different but difficult surroundings, he meets with them individually to see where they are at and where they want to be. He is open and understanding when they want to tell him about their personal family struggles. He truly cares about their well- being and provides them with the intellectual tools to grow from the dark places they have been.

Often we need another voice- a voice of reason to build consensus and remain consistent. Our youth progrms challenge youth to think critically.

Parents/Service Providers

  • 1,3 day CT workshops
  • 3 week ct workshop
  • Employment programs
  • On line parenting course.
  • Critical thinking program consulting
  • Mentoring


Youth Programs

3-week youth critical thinking/employment program.

Starting at $6666.00 (includes all materials with a customized critical thinking manual)

Testimonial “Story time- Gemina”


  1. Youth mentoring session a- 3 one hour in person meetings, 3 Skype calls $1300
  2. Custom Mentoring Super: Day events and lessons : Includes all outings, equipment and food.
  3. Presentations
  4. Individual mentoring webinars
  5. Parenting courses:


6 Educational Cornerstones of Success


  1. Open Minded: The ability to constantly look for the VALUE in other's points of views
  2. Thoughtful: Our behaviors and characteristics impact the world and events
  3. Reflective: Deep understanding of the why we are and the who we are
  4. Curiosity: Continuous personal growth by wondering, appreciating and inquiring
  5. Independence: The freedom to choose - The right to refuse
  6. Clarity of Purpose: focused on the future - present in the now

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