Adversity Creates Growth

Look for compromising situations. Build Character.

David has worked in all the major BC industries, hired and trained hundreds of staff, he writes, he has taught and presented worldwide, he built and sailed a boat across the pacific with his children, he instructed skiing, he developed adventure outdoor programs for people with disabilities, and has produced a documentary on brain injuries.

Achieving success and happiness can be about taking chances. Living on the pointy end for him means living life to the fullest of our potential. Often we can be paralyzed with fear... This can lead to inactivity and staying stuck. From personal stories about serious injury recovery to extreme adventure a theme emerges—fear management prevails.

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Drive Motivation, Build Success, and Inspire Confidence

Use a common sense or a critical thinking model to build effectiveness.

Real life and real time working models to assist you moving forward.

Challenge yourself, your staff or your business. Ask the tough questions to drive motivation, build success and inspire confidence.

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Making Common Sense Common

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