Mentoring – What it is and why it counts

In this three part series we will look at mentoring and see if it can fit with your business and succession plan.

When implemented as a business tool mentoring can be, if used wisely, a powerful method for building capacity in organizations. Succession planning, growth strategies, employee retention, self improvement and job satisfaction are just some of the by- products of a healthy mentoring relationship. Ideally the program will not be static but have the capacity to change with the demands of the industry or the needs of the business and persons involved. If however the mentoring program becomes "another program" with hidden agendas, buy in is diminished and the effectiveness of the program compromised. It is vital to establish the type of mentoring program that will best suit the company's needs. The goals should be clearly defined.

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Mentoring New and Young Workers to be safe:

Mentoring new and young workers to be safe

Past event: VRCA Vancouver, Feb 26th 2013, Vancouver

This workshop is designed to provide construction staff, supervisors, owners and management tools and techniques to educate, motivate and empower young workers to be safe on the work site. Workshop participants will learn how to ask effective questions, learn methods to gain the respect of new workers, learn how to build healthy relationships and learn open communication techniques.

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Youth Mentoring Services

Often change can happen because of the actions of a positive role model or mentor. In a recent school study successful students attributed their success to the efforts of a good teacher. These teachers inspired the students with questions, support and inspiration.

The youth mentoring program has been established to meet the requirements of a population in need of answers. The goal is to enable the youth to be able to make strong decisions—on their own.

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