Developing Common Sense in Youth

A Common Sense ApproachA Common Sense Approach

Often we hear the phrase, "that's just common sense," but what does this mean? In this presentation we look at what common sense means and how it can be applied both in the workplace and in life. Many feel that common sense is an inherent gift, something that you either have or not. This interactive workshop will challenge our beliefs on what makes common sense common. By applying tangible techniques we can examine our actions and measure our successes. We can provide youth the means to a tool that can assist them become more effective—by encouraging them to be thoughtful, reflective and open minded.

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Developing Effective Supervisors and Front Line Managers

Many may feel that strong management skills are an inherent gift- something a person possesses naturally. These mistaken beliefs and flawed reasons can lead to suboptimal decisions. This presentation examines that belief and through a series of stories and examples shifts perspectives and redefines "good manager"

Our front line supervisors can make or break the bottom line. Staff turnover and under motivation can often be directly linked to a weak line supervisor. Much management effort is wasted dealing with inefficient supervisors.

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Making Common Sense Common

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