Inference - The interview and beyond

The use of strong inferences can have dramatic consequences. Sometimes confused and often misused the word inference can leave many unsure of what it is and how to apply it. By deriving logical conclusions from premises know to be true -inferences can make interviews understandable and take "I don't know to "I know!" With many daily applications inference becomes a powerful tool to both ask and answer those tough interview questions.

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Creating Strong Decisions - A Common Sense Approach

Presentation Format: 90 minutes (Interactive)
Presentation Abstract: Often we or our clients are faced with difficult and sometimes life changing decisions. The best decisions are the ones that lead to effective outcomes- those outcomes that achieve the desired results. Sometimes however our decisions can be made based on feelings, emotions and inadequate information.

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Building Effectiveness in Youth

Building Effectiveness in YouthCritical Thinking - a common sense approach

Thoughtful and Reflective Lecture

This part of the module introduces the concept of being thoughtful and reflective. "Thoughtful" should be communicated as "being full of thought" and "to think about EVERYTHING". Further points to reiterate this concept include:

  • Being considerate and caring for others. Having an outward looking focus. Thinking about how relationships to others and the world.
  • Questioning everything and see how the answers affect the situation.

"Reflective" means to "think seriously" and be "inward looking" in addition to being thoughtful. Additional points to be considered include:

- Mirroring or being mirrored.
- Having the ability to look at oneself and consider oneself in the light of the world.
- Seeing what is really there
- Examining the quality and truth of our thoughts.

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Common Sense Guide to Parenting

Raising effective YouthRaising effective youth.

An effective youth is one who can achieve their desired goals. Our role as active parents is to guide our youth through the formative years so that our children can grow independent and free. Raising a youth that can meet their desired objectives is a challenge.

Every youth is different—every youth has potential. However, without the proper guidance the potential can remain unrealized. As parents we are faced with a rapidly changing world where the rules we grew up with may no longer apply. How do we make sense of the issues facing our youth today? Societal and peer group pressures can force the youth to make emotional decisions with sometimes dire consequences.

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Consistent Inconsistencies

Strategies for Working with High Risk Youth

High risk youth can challenge the most experienced staff or parent. Dealing with inconsistencies is one of the most frustrating issues that face those working with this population. These inconsistencies can take the form of lies, lack of follow through, saying one thing and doing another and a variety of other deceptions. Our youth can be experts in manipulating events to their advantage often with less than ideal outcomes.

Recognition is the first step however without clear purpose we cannot develop strong working strategies. Helping the youth focus on thoughtful and reflective behaviours builds effectiveness. A population that may not have positive role models may need the power to figure out systems on their own.

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Making Common Sense Common

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