• Written by Dave

Man with a Vision

Man with a Vision

Dave has been a Manager, colleague, and friend for the past 10 years.    Dave captivates and motivates his audiences with his charming wit and talent for telling adventurous stories of his life.  I have seen first hand how he has single-handedly impacted the lives of hundreds of youth and adults alike. A man with a vision, Dave wants to save the youth of our society.  I believe he will.

Janet Hackman

  • Written by Student

Story Time


                  Once upon a time, there was a girl who did not know what job she wanted to have. She was lost and confused about her future. She decided to travel to the land of Skills Link where she met the magical old wizard named Dave Rossi. Dave is an amazing, lively and open-minded wizard. He had lots of tales and stories about his adventures throughout his life. One of his famous stories is when he traveled to the land of “New-Zea-Land.” He taught her that people are capable of doing things if they set their mind on it and that people have potential in themselves.

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  • Written by kaleidoscope

Eye opening Critical thinking workshop

Dear Mr Rossi

On behalf of the Kaleidoscope participants, I would like to thank you for the informative and eye opening critical thinking workshop. The lessons we learned will be valuable tools for our future endeavours. "The Shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same" - Stendhal

Kaleidoscope 2015

  • Written by Munna White

Random times of Gratitude towards You and the Program

Hey Dave! Its Munna White.

Hows it been going? Still doing the program helping us troubled youth? Dont know why i felt compelled to drop a line and say hey. Perhaps it was to do just that and say hey. Maybe I just get random times of gratitude towards you and the program. Or maybe its that I moved to a different city, and am terrified that I've made a wrong choice so I find comfort in thinking of the past..

Anyways thanks for the doors you and the critical thinking program opened for me.

  • Written by Kirsten

Critical Thinking and how it affected my life

Critical Thinking; When you can be open minded to other people thoughts and opinions. Where you can work with others solving problems successfully by gathering information then making your choice at the end. Asking questions before confirming an answer.

Critical Thinking & How It Already Has Affected My Life

I never knew that the biggest problem in my life was not being a critical thinker. I was always the type of girl who believed she was right while going into an argument or never once stopped to think before she put her fist up. I always sat down and thought to myself that I need to change. There was something I didn't like but I never was able to find it. While going into this class I had a Narrow mind but once I actually focused on Dave's speeches that's where everything took a turn.

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  • Written by Dave

What do you say to a stranger who saved your kids life

Hi Dave:
To be honest last time I sat down to write the letter I went blank. What do you say to a stranger who saved your kids life. Who stuck with him when he needed it most.
Thankyou can never be enough
Now I have started going to an online adoptee support group myself and realized how wrong my thinking was I just feel even more fortunate that you met Chris and showed him a different way existed.
Also when we were in Penticton and after reading your book myself I wished someone had taught me critical thinking 30 years ago. As an adoptee it would have helped alot
I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for recognizing the search that Chris was on for a better way of thinking.

Once again thankyou so much
Jane Hunt

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